African Black Soap

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5 Oz. Oz Bar (Bars are hand cut,vary slightly)

Recommended to be used with Beauty by Day’s  Golden Hour Oil or Daily Hydrating Moisturizer!

 Plantain, camwood,unrefined shea butter, cocoa pods, palm oil, water, coconuts, plant glycerin.
Contains no fragrance or artificial colors. Made from 100% Vegan ingredients

Healing Benefits-
- reduces blemishes & dark spots
- clears face and body acne
- cleanses skin
- reduces oily skin
- all natural shampoo
- antibacterial properties that fight off bacteria

Raw African Black Soap, usually made by the hands of local women in Ghana, has many healing properties to it. African Black Soap is made from raw materials from Mother Earth, consisting of cocoa pods, plantain skin ash, plant oils and shea butter. The rich vitamin A, E and fatty acid content from plant oils and butter help fade skin discoloration and nourish skin!